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Stephanie Jacobsen is headed to CBS.

The Revenge and Melrose Place actress has been cast on NCIS Season 12 in a potentially recurring role.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jacobsen will portray FBI Agent Leia Pendergast, a partner for DiNozzo on a case that centers around an international terrorist threat targeting Navy researchers

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Described by network sources as “sexy and single, cool and confident,” the character will be a former U.S. Marshal “with a sense of humor."

Sounds like a possible DiNozzo love interest, doesn't it?

NCIS Season 12 kicks off on September 23 at 8/7 and Jacobsen will debut in October.

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I miss Ziva. The network needs to bring her back and send blondie back to being an analyst. She just doesn't cut it.


This should be interesting! Can't wait to see how it all rolls out with her.

@ Douglas Wolfe

I can't wait for Tony to finally get at least a little piece of a story. So far all real spoilers have been about GIbbs, McGee, Bishop, and Ducky. Ziva treated Tony like crap and her portrayer quit the series. I'm glad she's gone and hope she stays that way. The writers turned Tony into a blithering idiot who couldn't do anything right in order to make Ziva look superior. I had actually stopped watching the show by the end of season 10 because I couldn't take anymore ZCIS, featuring butt of every joke Tony who was emasculated in order to flatter wonder Ziva. I can't wait for Tony to get a new love interest. I just hope that the writers actually make her seem to like and respect him. It's been a really long time since any character on the show seemed to do that.


For the NCIS: LA fans who haven't heard this yet, Director Vance will be crossing over in at least one episode.


I always look forward to the next installment of NCIS but the blonds character needs a rewrite, she is putting me to sleep!


I'll reserve judgement until I see her and Michael together. But, if there's not chemistry, it's all over. I hear NCIS brought back the writer's from season 1. They were good. So we'll just have to wait and see. I have faith in you. No matter what, NCIS is still my favorite show. They had no control over Cote's choice, and it's time the fans understood that. This was Cote de Pablo's decision. Respect it.

@ AuthorSue

They didn't bring back the season 1 writers, sorry!


My family and I agree with some of the comments. NCIS is no longer the must see TV. We no longer get together to have dinner and watch NCIS. This new character played by Stephanie Jacobson is another recycled character...she sounds like Ziva and will met Tony like Ziva did. This show is now a three ring soap opera circus.

@ Ruthann Blackmer

well cookie for you!


Agree Christine. So fed up with last season and now a Ziva knock off is coming in. All it would do is remind him of Ziva.


Meh. She just sounds like a decaf version of Ziva. What's up with the porn star lips?


NCIS used to be my family and I's favorite show. This is no longer the case anymore. Now they are trying yet another female to fill Cote/ Ziva's boots. All she is Ziva in a different body and ethnic background. Come on guys...face the music and bring Cote back as Ziva after she films The Dovekeepers.


NCIS sounds more and more like a soap opera with recycled characters. Cote de Pablo brought her A game to each episode. Emily Wickersham and now Stephanie Jacobson did not impress my family and I on their other shows.

@ Marie Hixon

Dean, I'm going to flag you if you continue with this line of comments. You do it on every site and you're not going to continue to do it here.

@ Carissa Pavlica

At least he hasn't called anyone on this page a baby killer....yet.

Dido twite
@ PatrickC

He led with it, as usual.

@ PatrickC

Yes he did.

Comment modified at

@ ebau

Where. I don't see it.

@ PatrickC

I think it was removed, but I remember seeing one of his usual inappropriate comments - something about "urinating" on a pro-Ziva person's head, or some such.

@ Vizsla

That makes more sense.

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