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Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo comes from a wealthy family from New York. He is an only child but has been cut off from his family's fortune - similar to Michael Weatherly in real life.

He attended Rhode Island Military Academy as a teenager, and graduated from The Ohio State University, where he played basketball, with a BA in Physical Education.

He has worked in three different police departments - Peoria, Philadelphia, and Baltimore - staying in each location for an average of two years.

At the end of his stint with Baltimore homicide, he was hired by NCIS (prior to the pilot)

Tony is written as a streetwise, smart-aleck, promiscuous former homicide detective.

He is a flirt who does not respect personal boundaries, going so far as to rifle through his colleagues' possessions, both at work and in their homes, and listen in on private phone calls.

Although Tony is in his late 30s or early 40s, he is typically written as possessing a juvenile sense of humor that manifests itself in many ways - pranks, name-calling, etc.

Tony delights in quoting movies in everyday life.

Although his immature behavior often gets Tony into trouble, he also demonstrates himself to be an insightful agent when the need arises.

Tony's coworkers often display visible frustration with his antics, but just the same, throughout the series Tony has been shown to be very loyal to his coworkers at NCIS, particularly his supervisor, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo Quotes

This was no boating accident.


Ziva: When I have a man, the favors I offer have little to do with clothes.
Tony: That's good to know.

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Tony is always ROCKIN'


What a great episode 250th!


Lately I'm the only fan posting on this site. Maybe we can hear from more DiNozzo fans. It is good news that the 250th episode will feature DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner) and Tony (Michael Weatherly). Happy upcoming 250th episode, NCIS.


Lately I'm the only one posting on this site. Maybe we can hear from more DiNozzo fans. Good news that Robert Wagner and Michael Weatherly will be the focal point for the 250th episode.


@ Michael Weatherly and the entire cast: Please have more seasons of NCIS ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !


Michael Weatherly has cut a song for the NCIS Season 11 Soundtrack. Hope he gets to direct a few times this season. Best Wishes on a great season to Michael Weatherly and NCIS!


@Sherry Faust I also love NCIS, especially Tony. Watch all the marathons. NCIS has been renewed for Season 11 and maybe more.


NCIS is my favorite show. I hope they don't cancel it. The cast is awesome. I even watch the reruns.


NCIS is skipping again this week. They should look at Tony DiNozzo fan fiction for some very interesting stories. I would like to see a Tony DiNozzo episode with serious undertones. Please tell me we'll see it soon. I'm talking about Season 10.


Tony is an awesome character. Everyone needs at least one person in the office that is witty with a great sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs.

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