"Dr." Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture is one of the main characters of the most incredible cartoon ever made, The Venture Bros.  Dr. Venture is the son of the great super-scientist Jonas Venture and was once a boy adventurer with his father.  Now in his father's abscence, he tries hard to fulfill his father's legacy but is a complete and utter failure.  He is father to Hank and Dean Venture and pretty much hides behind his giant bodyguard, Brock.

Dr. Venture Quotes

Dr. Venture: Well, that ought to take care of that . . .
Hank: Look! Brock still ain't done with him. [Brock pisses on the mummy] That's showing him who's boss, Brocko!
Dr. Venture: Was that really necessary?
Brock: You have to defile a mummy completely or they come back to life. You know that

Ah! You're getting face all over me! Hot melting face!

Dr. Venture

Venture Bros. Quotes

Hunters Gathers: Her tits were like "coming home from school and finding out your old man ran over your cat" sad.
Brock Samson: Mournful tits. She has mournful tits. They're like two suicide notes stuffed into a glitter bra.

Hank: You are not the boss of me
Sgt Hatred: Au contraire, I am tony danza to your spunky Alyssa Milano. I am full on Charles In Charge of you