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Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop is an NSA analyst, currently on joint assignment with NCIS.

She is married and has three brothers.

Bishop has taken firearms training at the NSA.

Her style of analysis and investigation is unusual: when processing evidence, she plugs in her ear buds to listen to music, spreads her documents and laptop on the ground and free associates food with earlier moments when she's done research or investigations.

Bishop is happy to be part of a team and enthusiastic about her work, but prefers to keep her personal life to herself.

She has shown that she is adapt and devious when interrogating suspects, and has played the role of other people in order to elicit a confession.

She is a savant who has written many research papers, one of which was used in NCIS Season 11 Episode 9 - a paper in which she predicted the exact scenario being played out during the episode.

It's possible that she has an eidetic memory: having read through an autopsy manual during a weekend, she was able to recall details in it, right down to the number of pages.


Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop Quotes

McGee: Gibbs would never leave you out of the loop on something like this.
Tony: He didn't.
Bishop: You knew? So why bother fighting with her?
Tony: She fights back. I have a type.

McGee: Your lab is working on laser technology?
Bishop: Next big stick in naval warfare.
Dr. Havana: These lasers aren't weaponized.
McGee: Data transfer?
Dr. Havana: Yes. Very good.
McGee: I read somewhere that NASA is sending data to the moon at 662 megabits per second. Word is that by using each color on the spectrum that transfer speed could be multiplied. John Hopkins. MIT
Bishop: Humble brag, much?


get rid of her, she brings absolutely nothing to the show. her character is very, very forgettable. bishop definitely needs to go. bring back the coast guard lady. she can really hold her own. ofcourse, zeva would be everyone's first choice.

NCIS Quotes

You know what Tony is spelled backwards? Y not? Think about it


Pendergast: Call me Leia
Tony: Like the Princess.
Pendergast: I hate Star Wars.
Tony: Nobody hates Star Wars.
Pendergast: You do when your name is Leia, Agent DiNozzo

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