Eva Longoria stars as the beautiful former model, Gabrielle "Gaby" Solis on ABC's Desperate Housewives.  Gabrielle gave up her modeling career to marry the rich businessman, Carlos.

However, Gaby soon grew bored with suburbia and had her infamous affair with her young gardener.  When her husband Carlos lost his job and ended up in jail, Gaby was forced to get a series of odd jobs.  However, it was their inability to have a kid that led to their eventual divorce.

Gabby then got together with a mayoral candidate, Victor.  However, she eventually ended up back with Carlos and it ended with a showdown between Victor and Carlos, resulting in Victor's death and Carlos' blindness.

Carlos and Gabby then had kids and Gabby eventually let herself go.  However, Carlos eventually regained his vision and Gabby became pretty again.  Yay.

Gabrielle Solis Quotes

Bree: (about Karl and Susan) Did he just call her "baby"?
Gabrielle: Yeah, when did THEY stop hating each other?!

Yao Lin: The only reason you have anything in your life is because you're pretty. One: day you'll be old, and when that happens you'll be nothing.
Gabrielle: You are so fired.
Yao Lin: No kidding