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Doris Roberts on Desperate Housewives
Doris Roberts guest stars here on Desperate Housewives. The veteran actress is playing a wealthy client of Gaby's.

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Its marie from everybody loves raymond


Did Jill really say that about Bethenny? You've got to be kiidndg. SHE has the nerve to talk about Karma? Jill, if this is how you react to seeing someone you once loved in such obvious pain, I think you're the one who better be worried about karma honey.Bethenny, keep smiling We love you!


I don't know how Lynette can be so determined to go back to her husband after their short separation then he's living with someone, won't she hate him later on for that? I don't think I could forgive my husband knowing he lived with someone and loved that person. Lynette forget about him and find someone else

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Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

My husband's an alcoholic so I can only drink at work.


Lynette: Huh. That's weird.
Tom: What?
Lynette: I have an "Isn't that Ironic?" app that usually buzzes when people say stuff like that.