As Sean Walker
Jason Ritter poses for this promotional photo. The actor plays Sean Walker on The Event.


Why didn't they explain what happened to the little girl who was going outside to bring in her bicycle? Why didn't they explain how Sean got off the boat? Why didn't they explain how Lee knew Sean was the one who was going to reveal "the EVENT"? Why didn't they explain how Sean knew about the plane was going to crash into where the President was? Why didn't they explain "where the others came from that became prisoners in Alaska? Supposedly only 3 people "knew that the informer's girl friend was going to be brought to see her boy friend who ended up killing him so how did she know that he should be killed instead of revealing the secret?

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The Event Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I don't understand this. I saw these people and they were dead.


Sean: At least now you believe me.
Collier: I haven't gone that far yet.