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Chuck doing his thing running the show. Will he stay mad at Blair for long? We hope not!

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It just seems to me that a couple that's survived so much is to tense over a battle that doesn't seem that unusual of them. Blair's used him before.


its not that she lied, she used him to get the speech like he was any other person


This whole fight between Chuck and Blair is dumb. Yes, she lied but they've had worse problems then that. This whole scenario seems fake and I have to wonder if the writers who came up with this plot have even seen the previous two seasons.


Adorable, as always.


Can i marry him? Please?

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Nate: I'm surprised Blair's not here. Are you guys in another fight?
Chuck: A fight implies time and energy. This is more of an ongoing, detached distrust.

Eric: She's still the same Jenny underneath. She just has to wear the mask for school.
Jonathan: That mask is becoming her face.