Blair in The Grandfather
The lovely and stylish Blair Waldorf in a promotional photo from "The Grandfather," from the second season of Gossip Girl.

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Kosi, I have to say I don't miss the headbands. I think her not wearing the headbands is like a sign she's growing up or something, you know?


I love when Chuck lurks in the background. It's a bit stalkerish, but it's so darn cute, especially when he's looking at Blair.


does anyone else miss blair's headband wearing days? or is it just me...:(


chuck is 'sad' because blair just told him 'you are dead to me'...she is still very angry at him. i don't blame her, chuck is such a bad boy, esp. to blair that loves him the most. but chuck will fight for her and get her!


that guy looks like the dean from Yale. could it be?


Whoever it is... whatever is happening...I hope Bass goes in for the win and saves the day. Chuck Bass - help her!


The mystery man was only partly bald - and this man is too.


could that be the dean from yale, cause it said blair was going to get bad news about her future or something like that, and she looks sad, so it could be the dean telling her that they aren't accepting her... just a thought :/


it's not the mystery man the mystery man was bald.
Both Chuck and Blair look upset, why? That makes me sad :(
I think it's nate's grandpa


That could be the "Mystery Man" we saw in one of the pictures from the previous episode.

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Take me now.


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