Gossip Girl Round Table: "Gone with the Will"

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As fans venture to our Gone with the Will" include memorable quotes, the next step for Chair, Nate and Vanessa, and when we will finally meet the mysterious Andrew ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Jenny referring to Eric as "so conceited," with his immediate response of "you're so annoying!" Millions of Gossip Girl fans gave Eric an imaginary high-five for that one.

Mister Meester: It's kinda gross, but I gotta choose this quote: Jack: "Reschedule Blair." Chuck: "I can't. She's been a good friend to me." Jack: "The last time I had a friend like that I would up with gonorrhea." Chuck: "Suprax?" Jack: "Rocephin." My colleague Gossip Guy confirms these are actual prescription drugs that treat STDs! Awesome.

Gossip Guy: I really really hate Jack Bass, but I love Chuck's interaction with him. I think my favorite quote was the conversation between them at the will reading and they asked Chuck if he wanted Jack as his guardian. I don't remember the exact wording but the exchange went something like this "Curfew? None. Bringing girls home? Yes please." Now, someone please get me the exact wording of the quote so we can put it on the site. Sigh, it's so hard finding obedient minions.

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2. Where do Chuck and Blair go from here?

DANdy: To their neutral corners. But like Evander Holyfield, neither of these fighters will retire anytime soon. This relationship has more stages than the Tour de France.

Mister Meester: I can't wait to see what happens next in the downward spiral of Chuck (another amazing performance by Ed Westwick last night, by the way). But he blew it and Blair has had enough. That look on her face said it all. One day, perhaps Chair can be together, but in the meantime, I expect B to seek romance elsewhere.

Gossip Guy: Chuck finally looks like he's on the right path at the end of the episode when he came to Blair to apologize in the only way a Chuck can. Now if we can just get that Jack (B)ass to stop interfering maybe we'll get a Chair reunion next episode.

3. On a scale of 1-10, rate Nate and Vanessa's respective uselessness in this episode.

Mister Meester: Only 5 for Vanessa, since it sort of made sense Serena would "boyfriend snoop" on Dan and ask what's up, but a solid 8 for Nate's random appearance at the will reading and his sage advice to Dan re: the Gossip Girl story.

Gossip Guy: 11. Nate, you're supposedly Chuck's best friend and ran to his side just to hear how much mulah your friend was gonna make... but then couldn't make it to the brunch of your best friend? Wait.. yet you had time to celebrate some worthless anniversary (what is it, three-month?) with Vanessa? How could you honesty choose Vanessa over anything? I'd take a root canal over spending time with that waste of space.

DANdy: Considering my response when Vanessa said she and Nate had been dating for two months - "Wait... they're dating?!?" - I'd say 9.8.

4. Most unbelievable: A teenager named CEO of a billion-dollar real estate conglomerate, Jenny's hair, or Nelly Yuki being stealthy enough to gank Dan's phone?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Chuck being named CEO. I have no doubt his father would leave him 51 percent of the company, I mean that's just the natural order of inheritance. However, there's no way they would have given him an actual position in the company. Ownership and employment are two different things. As for my other two options, I'm going to go out on a racist limb and assume Nelly is some sort of ninja, and quite frankly nothing shocks me about Jenny anymore.

DANdy: If you can die in a war when you turn 18, why can't you run a billion-dollar company?!? Just beware of interest-only mortgages, Chuck.

Mister Meester: All fairly big stretches, but the revolving door of Jenny Humphrey-Taylor Momsen style is simply too much, even for a fashion-obsessed high schooler. What's up with the mini-side ponytail? Eric and Jonathan really need to stage an intervention.

Not Little J Anymore

Once again, Jenny's hair defies comprehension.

5. So Andrew isn't dead after all. How will Rufus and Lily find this out?

Gossip Guy: I'm going to predict that Andrew seeks out Rufus and Lily via the search program that the lawyer references. Come on, why else would they have mentioned it?

DANdy: Two words: Nelly Yuki.

Mister Meester: A couple of theories: Dan and Serena start their own search against better judgment; Andrew somehow learns of Rufus and Lily's visit to Boston and seeks them out; Andrew enrolls at the same New York college as one or more of the Upper East Siders next season and the truth is slowly revealed.


What is your take on these hot Gossip Girl topics? Leave a comment with your answer(s). We want to know what you think!

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gossip guy that was so funny whaen you said nelly yuki is some sort of ninja i was laughing. you guys are so funny! oh and seriosly who celebrates a 2 month anniversary and if you did i mean with candy not even chocolates with candy candy. oh and nate wats up wit the whole your there to read the will but you cant go to brunch for some dang 2 month anniversary i was like wat da heck.


Re: Lilly and Rufus lovechild... The newspaper article will be the key. Either that was an article about another family's "Andrew" or it was that couple's other son named Andrew who died. "We've already lost one, let's not lose another,..." the adoptive mom said. Usually in newspaper articles they name who the surviving family members are and that will reveal the name of the alive lovechild. I bet Dan & Serena will go to investigate more about their long lost supposedly dead brother - out of curiosity or to pay their respects to the "gravestone" - and haphazardly he and Serena will therefore meet their REAL brother while mourning the fake brother... and suspicions will arise from there as the REAL brother will act like a Serena-Dan hybrid... Ta da!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Definitly the Chuck-Jack conversation at the reading of the will.
Lawyer: Are you comfortable with this?
Chuck: Curfew?
Jack: None.
Chuck: Girls sleeping over?
Jack: Yes please.
Chuck: I'll allow it.
And I also enjoyed Dan's comment, "What, it's not like I brought a tuna sandwich," was totally funny. 2. Where do Chuck and Blair go from here? Hopefully nowhere. He's being the inconsiderate jerk and she's being the love-filled patsy. Yeah well no more. Blair should have someone who deserves her and if not, no one at all. I'm tired of the whole Chair thing. It's not working now, maybe later. 3. On a scale of 1-10, rate Nate and Vanessa's respective uselessness in this episode. The producers are trying to get Nate and Vanessa re-involved in the script. And a lot of people celebrate two-month anniversary. They were pretty good in the eppy though. 4. Most unbelievable: A teenager named CEO of a billion-dollar real estate conglomerate, Jenny's hair, or Nelly Yuki being stealthy enough to gank Dan's phone? Teenage CEO. Get real. Chuck's cool but I don't believe he could run a company like Bass Industries. 5. So Andrew isn't dead after all. How will Rufus and Lily find this out? I don't know, but I really dislike the adopted parents for what they did. Rufus has a right to know.


WHY DO YOU WEAR SO MUCH PURPLE? i laughed so hard a this!!!


chuck referring to bart asking him
"why do you wear so much purple?"


My heart was breaking when Blair left Chuck! I know Chuck was being an idiot that day, but isn't part of being in love staying by somebody no matter what? And it's so obvious that she loves him. I mean, hello? Chair > than whatever the hell Nate and Vanessa are, although Dan+Serena is just as great as Chair. But anyway. Chuck needs her!


or perhaps the article was from their first son, the one they already lost, L and R will discover the newspaper date was incorrect


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Blair: "Don't look at me with those expressive eyebrows. I can't wait until you get botox." Just because it's sooooooo funny to think of Blair and Serena ending up boring old UES socialites with more divorce settlements than headbands. 2. Where do Chuck and Blair go from here? No where, Chuck will find out about her and Jack and it will be a mutual "I hate you." 3. On a scale of 1-10, rate Nate and Vanessa's respective uselessness in this episode. Vanessa was like 6/10, but Nate would be a 10/10. Why was he there? To give us some eye candy? I'm not complaining but seriously... Nate is a redundant character currently. 4. Most unbelievable: A teenager named CEO of a billion-dollar real estate conglomerate, Jenny's hair, or Nelly Yuki being stealthy enough to gank Dan's phone? Teenager being names CEO. I mean why does nobody ever go to school in this show? And when they are at school their cell phones are constantly on! My school has a "Zero Tolerance" and it's much like their school so WTF? Srsly they expect to get into Yale? I think Yale would like a few more As a little less CEO, I mean what can Yale do for you once you're a CEO? Also the Nelly and phone thing wasn't all that stealthy, Dan was asking for it the way he drapped his coat over the racks. But can I just say


I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH CHUCK TOO! why can't he tell her he loves her? honestly i know it sounds bad but at this point the only reason im interested in this show right now is because of B + C!! i know im sorry but its kinda true! honestly GG producers are being lame... they dont know how to produce a show because obviously NO ONE CARES WHY OR HOW BLAIR GETS A B+ ON HER TEST! WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE TEACHER!


CHUCK IS BEING AN IDIOT! I am sooooo proud of everything Blair has done. from what we know her to be she has been one of the most supportive people in the world. Nate was dead on. when it comes to Chuck she is very maternal. always looking out for him, supporting him, sticking by him through absolutely EVERYTHING! she is the ONLY person who hasnt turned her back on Chuck and all Chuck does is insult her, break her heart, push her down, and hurt her. well I was just as tired of it as her so im glad she said that! Chuck deserved everything he got! hes been nothing but an @ss hole. Chuck is so DENSE! WHY CANT HE SAY IT?!? WHY IS IT SO HARD! HE FOUGHT TO MAKE BLAIR SAY IT! HES WANTED IT FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG! so why cant he just say it? in his words "8 letters, 3 syllables, 3 words..say it" gah! its so frustrating! ANYONE ELSE FRUSTRATED WITH CHUCK!??!!

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Nelly: We should at least tell Blair.
Isabel: We can't. Blair's with Chuck. Again.
Penelope: I'm really getting sick of how much time she's spending with him.
Isabel: His dad just died.
Penelope: Yeah, like a month ago.

Serena: Look, I know you've been avoiding me, but my mom called from Boston this morning and I asked her point blank. You have nothing to worry about.
Dan: Worried? Who said anything about being worried? What'd she say?
Serena: That there's nothing going on between her and Rufus.
Dan ... Oh.