Break it Up
Chuck intervenes as Jenny and her new guy chat. Wonder what the deal is with that!

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I gave a 10/10 rate since chuck is in the picture;) bad boys couldn't get hotter


is it only me or in the sneak peek that Damien looked like Zac Efron? Or am i being silly XD

Katie b

Guys...not to in any way take away from the seriousness of real rapes...but you can't really call what happened at Kiss on Lips an attempted rape. Lil J was saying stop kissing her. He didn't stop, but kissing is all that was happening. All clothes were on. He didn't hit her or anything. How do we know he really would have kept going? Same story with him and Serena in the Pilot. Chuck has changed a lot since then, and he and Jenny have interacted a lot more since then as well. While "protective older brother" might be a stretch, "aware that another bad boy is messing with someone in his family and not happy about it" is not much of one.


Well guys,i can't guess chuck's intentions but i want him stuck to Blair!I mean,he can does whatever he wants except getting closer to Jenny!I'm afraid cause with Chuck you never know and i really don't want him to cheat blair with Jenny!!


Chuck is probably trying to protect the Bass wealth since Jenny's dad is married to Lily Bass. And Jenny might be involve with someone who uses scheming and manipulation. Also Chuck doesn't want someone who would manipulate people because that's his forte. hehe. Only Chuck Bass is allowed.


Maybe he is protecting her, because maybe he knows the guy.
I love Chuck, he has such a good soul !


Big bro Dan is busy dealing with his ill fated threesome, so Chuck's stepped in (how's that for role refersals!). Besides, nobody knows the mind of a rich, sexual playboy like the orginal Chuck Bass.


Now this would be a HOT threesome lol!


no nooo noooooo.
i dont want chuck to be protective of JENNY!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Blair: My sexual tension radar is unparalleled.
Chuck: Point ceded.

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