Chuck Lashes Out
The big funeral that's coming up on a future episode of Gossip Girl may be for Chuck's dad. Here's a photo of Chuck apparently lashing out.

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    it's Gossip Girl not Maria la del Barrio


    I think that nobody dies. I mean, there is in fact a funeral, Bart's but I don't think they have buring his body, maybe thay think that the accident destroyed it and what has really happened is that in order to avoid being dumped by Lily and after the phone call that Chuck made him, Bart pretends his own death. But he will end up appearing...
    A new character is going to appear, I think that Bart's brother and he is probably going to try to take benefit of Barts death to take all his money, and probably Chuck's custody. He is still underage, right?
    And is going to be a battle between the wanderwoodsens and the basses because of the money, I think.
    And probably Chuck is blaming Lily, and that's why he and Serena fight.I don't think that Rufus and Lily will end up together, at least not yet. Their relationship is one of the most favourites so it will be probably used in order to get viewers, as the do with Chuck-Blair and as they did with Vanessa-Nate-Jenny.


    ed westwick is the hottest guq in the world but even i have to say he looks reallys ugly on this picture




    maybe its Bart but not actually Bart.. like the whole Ugly Betty scandal with Alexis minus the sex change... hmmm...
    that could explain why its 'where art thou' like he's still there... hmmm my dramatic mind loves it... xxx


    I think blair and nate should get back together...they were so cute for the few episode that things were good btwn them like in hi society


    it looks like bart.but they can't cut off bart, chuck would be alone,i mean i know she has blair and friends. but bart is the only real family he got,and i don't think it is going to end that way, they haven't bond that much yet...maybe bart got into an accident, but he is missing, then they got the wrong man whom they thought it was bart that is dead.


    The only thign i can think of is that bart wants to be burried there because lily's heart was always there with rufus, the only think he couldn't have and it was the one thing that his money couldn't buy.


    I'm thinking bart, and I read Desmond Harrington will play Jack Bass, the younger brother of Bart who will try to take over the company. You can read about it on, i can't wait!


    I dont think its bart, brooklyn?? Although maybe they said it was somewhere else. He and his dad recently reunited, so that would add drama, but it just doesn't seem fair or right.

    The person who dies could be someone else, chuck could be upset for many diferent reasons, he could be in a fight with someone and is taking this death hard for whoever it is.

    if it is vanessa, chuck pretended to like her, maybe he really did. Who knows?? And where is Jenny and eric and lily f its bart

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