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The good news? Desperate Housewives finally returned tonight with a brand new episode. The bad news? There is only ONE more remaining episode leading up to the series finale. (By the way, typing that last statement was not easy.) 

From one housewife to another, we were shown just how difficult it can be to give up power in a number of situations and life events. It was certainly a strong, but noticeably less than perfect hour, placing our favorite character in predicaments that required responsibility and the willingness to change. 

Doris Roberts on Desperate Housewives

Lynette tried to take the high road in her separation with Tom. However, with the help of Tom’s boss, she ended up focusing on causing trouble for Tom and Jane. Interestingly enough, Penny revealed that Tom hadn’t filed the divorce papers yet. Could we possibly be on the verge of a Tom and Lynette reunion? I certainly hope.

Meanwhile, Gaby and Carlos were both busy playing sharks with one another. I can’t say that I cared all too much for this storyline, as Gaby was once again unsupportive and Carlos was yet again being a total hypocrite. The last time we saw these two they were fighting about the same topics.

I can’t decide which I hated more: when Gaby was comparing mortgage to meaningful or when Carlos convinced the wealthy widow to donate to his nonprofit simply to win. These two seem to just go back and forth every week, and I’m not sure that I can take yet another episode with them fighting about what’s best for them instead of what should be best for their family.

Side note: I loved Gaby’s one shoulder green dress. She‘s always been selfish as heck, but there’s no doubt the girl has always had some amazing dresses.

Elsewhere: Renee found out that Ben had been keeping a secret from her about his involvement with Alejandro’s murder. I liked how he said that he was keeping a secret to protect her, unlike her ex who kept secrets to hurt her. Then again, Ben still hasn’t exactly told anyone everything about his involvement with Mike’s death. That’s a secret I wish would be uncovered.

I really appreciated Susan trying to build a car for MJ’s soapbox derby. I loved how she was able to realize that asking for help was okay and called on the “pit crew” for assistance. Every scene with MJ and Susan only reminded me that I still wished that Mike was there. I seriously can’t wait for Mike’s, among others, to return.

By the way, regardless of what’s happened, Susan ought to teach MJ that rolling your eyes is totally not acceptable. On another note, I almost thought that MJ was channeling the scary kid from The Orphan when he pushed the car into the street. 

Lastly, Bree struggled with having to reveal her darkest and loneliest nights to her attorney. I thought it was totally predictable she’d fall for him, and wonder it if it will only remain as a crush.

While there were many things I liked and disliked about this episode, my main complaint was the lack of scenes with all of the housewives together. Actually, there was only a single part that wasn’t shown until nearly the end with all of the women discussing Bree’s trial. Hopefully, the remaining installments will be different.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? What was your favorite moment of "Lost My Power?" Share your predictions for the remainder of the series now! Lastly, don’t forget to check out our Desperate Housewives quotes section.


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I love the story lines and love what the programme represents and cannot believe they are ending it......
dont want it to end and cant believe they killed mike!!!


i didnt like Lynette at all ... what a **** - yeah we like tom and her, but seriously? I think she an idiot for doing this stuff.. poor Jane


Desperate Housewives has always been a guilty pleasure...
been fun to follow and enjoyed the guest stars...
always a fan of Scott Bakula.... too bad he wasnt a regular
I chuckled out loud when he told Bree he was pushing 50?? ( perhaps my olde 62 yrs ears misheard .. did he say 60 !!instead!!! LMAO I will miss the DW gang...


(Part 2) Whoa. Got cut off there. Ben's involvement with the murder is just as we saw it: he found out the story about the accidental murder, and wanted a place to put the body. He told Mike about it, who in turn said "I'll take care of it". And he did - the next scene was Mike dumping the body at the building site.


I think Gabby nailed it when she said that both she and Carlos were both sharks - that it's in their nature, and you can't change that no matter how much you want to. She's right - and how he has something to think about. Like, maybe he's not cut out to do charity work. The scene with the guys and MJ was touching. Nice to see Susan exercising her instincts on that one. MJ needs a father, and since he can't have one - he can have the next best thing. Bree's lawyer isn't interested in her. I think we know that from the get-go. It's almost formulaic. She struggles with the beginnings of an infatuation which he won't return. Tragedy 101. Linette and Tom - yeah, they'll be back together. Count on it. It's not in her nature to totally sabotage Tom, no matter how angry or hurt she might be. His boss offering to put a spike in their relationship by sending him away is the straw on the camel's back. Predictable. I think Ben's involvement with the murder is just as we saw it: he found out about it, and talked to Mike about what to do with the body, and Mike said "I'll take care of it". The next scene was Mike dropping the body into the building site.


It doesn't feel like they're ending it with a bang.


I hated it! I'm actually angry at how bad it was. It's the worst episode of the entire season and I'd hoped they'd pull it together for the end.

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