Gabriel, Serena
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Gabriel and Serena (Armie Hammer and Blake Lively) in a picture from "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

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Armie could be short for Armand, he could be Spanish. But as long as they dont have him with a fake accent like Marcus Beaton (I was really glad when they got rid of him) I dont mind him. Besides, Serena NEEDS some drama other than Dan for once. She was getting boring, bring back the party girl!


i am dutch, but guys in the netherlands don't look that way, far more better! ;) i think he's spanish.


I'm pretty sure there are no Dutch people called Armie. :) German maybe...
But do we know for sure he's from Spain? I mean, his parents have a house there, but does that say anything?


I'd buy it more if I could buy him as Spanish - he doesn't have to been dark, but this guy (with a name like Armie?) seems more German or Dutch or something. With a name like Gabriel (which I LOVE, but for totally non-GG reasons) he really could hail from anywhere, but ... I don't know, we'll have to see him in action, and see what's really written for him as backstory, etc.
And yes, better than Aaron. Who reminded me of a wet dog. A little whiny wet dog. :P


better than aaron :P


You're right. They're actually pretty cute...


they do look kinda good together... :P

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[still playing 'I Never'] I never slept with Chuck Bass twice. [drinks faster]


[playing 'I Never'] I never slept with Chuck Bass. [drinks]

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