"A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes" Photo Gallery

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Below are a set of promotional photos from "A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes" ... or so we think. At least some of them are, although other sources have tagged some of the pictures as being from the following week's episode, "The Wrath of Con."

Either way, we've placed them in our "A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes" gallery for now. Some of these we've posted before but most of them are new - at least to our site.

Click to enlarge the many images below and comment away!

The New Couple
Serena and Blair Photo
Georgina, Chuck Pic
Beautiful Blair Waldorf
Grabbing a Drink
A Bass on the Move
Gabriel, Serena Photo
The Bass Man
Serena, Gabriel Pic
Sparks Flying
Blair Waldorf Pic
Rufus Humphrey Pic
Lily VDW
G is Back!
Serena Gets a Text
Russian Tea Room
Rivals Turned Friends?
Georgina Sparks and Chuck Bass
Georgina and Chuck
Chuck on the Move
Gabriel, Serena
Blair and Nate Photo

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Vanessa is nowhere to be seen :D


NOTE: Some of these stills are not for Southern Gentlemen, rather, for The Wrath of Con.

Chace crawford is a lesbian



pam Says:
April 23rd, 2009 1:26 AM on jimmy fallon they just had michelle- georgina and well they a clip and it looks amazing i hope it goes on youtube some time. you can watch the interview on nbc.com, just go to the latenight/fallon page.


yes, i'm sooo happy, chuck and blair rock!


Ohh I can't wait for CB to get back together. It will be so magical!


on jimmy fallon they just had michelle- georgina and well they a clip and it looks amazing i hope it goes on youtube some time.


omg E, i watched the video! So hot~ I swear, whenever C & B come back together there's "fireworks"! I love chuck, "This feels eerily familiar..." XD


I recently started watching GG and immediately fell in love with it :)
So I can't wait for this episode.


Poor Leighton... some stalker is pretending to be her in a blogg... http://www.observer.com/2009/d...

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