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Call them what you want ... a lot of fans are sick of the story line between George and Izzie. Then again, polls show more viewers than you might think love this couple together.

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i for one absolutely LOVE the Izzie and George Story line, I do fit into the category that Jardine describes, but I think that (even if this is just a show) if there's a story where two best friends fall in love, it should be kept alive (with new struggles most likely, but still, kept alive.) If any thing was ever going to connect with the general public, it's this love story. I mean if a guy and girl are BEST friends, sometimes, they stay just best friends, but SOMETIMES, it becomes the love of their life and I know because this has happened to me. It's a rare and fragile thing that shouldn't be damaged in real life, let alone on a TV show...They need to stay together, If they don't this show will lose a lot of connection to their fans that still believe in true love.


I am Grey's fan from Asia, male, early 30's. Poll shows most George & Izzie fans are young viewers (under 21) and mostly females. I am not within range obviously but i LOVE the idea of this couple. I cannot believe that most Americans would think that "love", developed from solid friendship is "eeww" or whatever you people put it. If they developed into couples that want to kill each other, then you shouls be sad...not this.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Richard: Dr. Yang, did you hear? Dr. Hahn has agreed to become our new head of cardio-thorasic surgery.
Cristina: You can't have my apartment.

Mark: Good morning.
Olivia: Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t smile at me.
Other Nurse: Don’t smile at her. Don’t smile at me either.
Olivia: We’re on to you.
Other Nurse: We’ve compared notes.
Mark: Compared notes? Really?
Olivia: Compared notes. Compared pick-up lines. Compared techniques.
Mark: Techniques...
Olivia and Other Nurse: Identical.
Mark: Identical?
Olivia: We formed a club. Nurses United Against Mark Sloan.
Mark: Are there any club activities?