Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in the May 25, 2010 season finale of NCIS. What will his "life-changing" decision consist of?

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if anyone remembers the jag episode where harm meets mac she is the image of his friend who was just killed so-o-o why not bring back jenny have her in a hospital and then have her twin appear....i know she was supposed to be an only child but stranger things have happened on tv so why not this also have more interchange between ncis la and ncis people i love little hedy out in la she's tough


i would like to see trent kort stand up and shoot the reynosa girl as a favor to gibbs and then have the father, mike franks,dinozzo's dad,and ziva's dad band together to protect the team title parents still protect their children no matter what age


great cliff hanger now bring back the young probie who went to san diego he would work well learning eith this team also show him in ncis la he was the person who saved the lady at the cemetary i would like to see the sheriff of the town and fornelllllll and trent kort and sam from ncis la in pennsylvania to protect gibbs kill that witch from the drug cartel and her brother make sure the complete team stays together no matter what and do not include the lady lawyer

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