Karev and Altman
Karev and Altman in a scene from Grey's Anatomy.

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this one and the previous one looks the same


I don't get why they don't put three episodes on the trot together, rather than just one alone before another gap.
Glad to see Alex has had the sense to distance himself from Morgan, but not sure about Tommy's prognosis though. I don't think Alex will be allowed to walk away from this SL yet.
NO pictures of Mer or Cris :((

Sarah silva

I have no clue why shows come back for 1 week then are off for 2 or more. I would rather have them off for like 6 weeks which does suck as well but then the anticipation of it coming back is better knowing there would be several new episodes in a row! Not this off for 2 back for 1 off for 2, it makes it hard to stay in the groove that way.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.