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Lexie and Alex
Lexie and Alex in a photo from "Brave New World" from Season Five of Grey's Anatomy. Will Karev and the younger Grey hook up again after a brief fling last season?

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yeah, i agree with sun-eyed!! she neeeddddsss George! Alex can hook up with other Mentaly sick women! GO AVA! LOL
love always Syd


will they, really...? er, NO! Alex has takes enough chicks from George(which is ridiculous because George is WAAAY better!)!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Meredith: Why where you going through her things?
Derek: I was trying to find space for my clothes. Your closet is full.
Meredith: Oh.

Meredith: You keep a diary? Have I not known all this time that you keep a diary? Don't be shy, I think it's cute!
Derek: It's not mine.
Meredith: Who's is it?
Derek: Your mother's.