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  Song Artist
Song My Heart With You The Rescues iTunes
Love-to-me Love to Me Bernadette Moley iTunes
Song Ain't Gonna Lose You Grey's Anatomy Brett Dennen iTunes
Song One Of Those Days Grey's Anatomy Joshua Radin iTunes
Done-with-you Done With You The Whitest Boy Alive iTunes
Song Big Jumps Grey's Anatomy Emiliana Torrini iTunes
Song My Love The Bird & The Bee
Altogether-now Altogether Now Patrick and Eugene iTunes
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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Meredith: Why where you going through her things?
Derek: I was trying to find space for my clothes. Your closet is full.
Meredith: Oh.

Meredith: You keep a diary? Have I not known all this time that you keep a diary? Don't be shy, I think it's cute!
Derek: It's not mine.
Meredith: Who's is it?
Derek: Your mother's.

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