Meredith Grey Wedding Dress
That's what this appears to be. Can you believe your eyes? Our little girl is all grown up!

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that is a gorgeous dress it looks amazing on her if you saw the episode she looks just wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!


i can't believe how bad the dress was. you'd think they could have pick something better


Sorry guys! This dress has been confirmed for the wedding! It's so ugly but the producers wanted her to wear a dress they thought would suit every girls' fantasy...It's UGLY!!!


Not the best picture or first choice of dress... I think it looked better on the show, though, when she was moving around in it. The dress isn't completely awful, but they definitely could find something better. I loooved Cristina's wedding dress from when she was going to marry Burke...


Just to let everyone know, Ellen Pompeo is pregnant. It was released a few days ago, so it might look to big on her, but they need something that will cover up the lump... I like the dress except for the line near her stomach... but then again, hopefully this is not the actual dress. I do hope they incorporate a pregnancy into the show, although it could be bad, the show would suffer more if Pompeo left when the lump became too noticable. I


That dress is NOT Meredith.
It is the ugliest dress and absolutely not for her.


I think that she looks stunning....Ellen is naturally skinny and this dress gives her a very flattering figure....and she seems to like the dress a lot...MerDer Wedding!!


merm, you make a VERY good point
my cousin and i complteley agree with the whole tv wedding dress thing...they never do show the actual dress until the wedding
i hope shonda isn't planning on doing the opposite in this circumstance!


Not a nice dress for Mer. The simpler, the better. I think she should wear something that will make her look like "Meredith". And the dress makes her look smaller. I think. LOL


Don't tell me Mere is actually smiling!!!! This is all just too much. I usually want to slap her because she looks like such a sad-sack ALL the time. She does look good in this pic but the dress just butt-ugly on her. Izzy and Alex - now that would be nice.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Meredith: Does it bother you that I don't wanna wear it? Because I... I could.
Derek: I don't want you to wear it. You're not a ring bride.
(Mer looks at him)
Derek: What?
Meredith: I'm not really a church wedding bride, or a poofy white dress bride either.
Derek: We'll get naked, and get married in a field with flowers.
(MerDer giggle together)
Meredith: I'm not a naked bride!
Derek: What about scrubs? We could get married in scrubs.
Meredith: Oooh, now there's a wedding I could get into.
Derek: We gotta go.
Meredith: Oh... So I told Izzie she could help out with the wedding. It helps keep her mind off of everything, and I'll tell her about the scrubs and the no church. I guess we have a theme. Simplicity.

[narrating] Defeat isn't an option. Not for surgeons. We don't back away from the table till the last breaths long gone. Terminal's a challenge. Life threatening's what gets us out of bed in the morning. We're not easily intimidated. We don't flinch, we don't back down, and we certainly don't surrender. Not at work anyway.


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  Song Artist
Song Vagabonds And Clowns Mostar Diving Club
Sweetheart Sweetheart Jont iTunes
Song Summer Came When We Were Falling Out Shady Bard