NCIS Director Leon Vance
Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance, NCIS director, in the show's eighth season premiere. What will the episode hold for Gibbs and Vance's relationship?

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Mr Anonymous,Your link doesn't go anywhere that makes sense, and it's iettwrn in grammatically incorrect English. You might not want to be so critical of your dad.I watch NCIS mostly for the relationships among the characters. As a veteran who works in the medical field (among other things) I could care less about the autopsy scenes, and references to mass spectrometers.

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: Do what you have to do for family.
Gibbs: What rule is that?
Mike: The unspoken one.

Gibbs: Dad, I can stop this. I need your help.
Gibbs Sr.: Whatever it takes.
Gibbs: Okay, let's go fishing.