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That's Derek for you. We doubt anyone will dispute that.

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I love Grey's Anatomy! There is always so much drama that will have you gripping onto your seat. Meredith and Derek are the cutest couple ever! Patrick and Chyler, you guys are awesome! Chyler, you're so beautiful! Patrick, well I think we all know what you are :) McDreamy!!!!!!!!


Derek looks Polish in this pic lmao. That sounds weird but doesn't a lot of Ploish men wear their hair like that?:P


I love McDreamy. He always looks fabulous in my eyes. He is older but distinguished and charismatic. I'd take him over any of the other guys. HOT!! Great chemistry with Mer. Only stupid thing about him is putting up with Mer's need for all those roommates. What happened to no more strays??


He looks horrible and old D: Horrible pic! Good God...take the grey out of ur hair.


he looks old here and his hair is just weeeird

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

You picked a good night to start filming. This is gonna be fun.


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