Scheming J
There's no telling what Jenny Humphrey is up to. But this photo from "Gaslit" shows she's back in full effect.

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OMG its serenas mask!!!!!


Get a clue Jenny-haters! That's probably Juliet's place and must be spying on her. It's Juliet who is homeless, you should watch the recent episode.

I am xoxo

she dont look like homeless person. she IS homeless.


She looks like a homeless person

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Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. As always I'll be spending it giving thanks for the bounty of secrets I've harvested from you this year. But leave a place for me at your table. I'll be back for just desserts.

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Your daughter wakes up alone, drugged in an empty motel room, and you don't call the cops? You don't ask if she's OK or what happened? You just have her committed? What kind of mother does that?


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