Serena and Aaron
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Serena van der Woodsen and Aaron Rose attend the big funeral that's coming up on a future episode of Gossip Girl.

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    i LuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuV Aaron! Ü


    Let's get back to the important part here... Serena's coat. Anyone know the designer? Where to but it? It's not Burberry, or Delia's like everyone keeps saying. If anyone knows, please pass it on. It's gorgeous and I must have it! Thank you!


    eww aaron is so gross! i agree with everyone who says hes got to go! if they wanted serena to have a new guy (even though her and dan are made for eachother) they should have gotten somone who was at least hot! in the books hes way different!


    A's starting to bother me, so i think he should leave. D's a wimp for not stepping it UP for S, and S needs to ditch A. S can be with N, (maybe) for all i care, 'cause he's hot, but dump A already. he's a ten-timing player.


    Aaron just needs to leave.


    And wtf no, lalal, Nate wasn't in love with Vanessa in the books.


    Dan and Serena are clearly the most boring couple on the show and it is beyond me why anyone wants them to be together. They absolutely suck and whenever they're in scenes together I feel extremely tired and disinterested. Chuck and Blair are by far the best couple on the show and that's not going to change. All the critics LOVE Chuck and Blair and they call Dan and Serena boring. Go figure.


    I think that Serena and Dan belong together, there's a certain romance to it. Aaron needs to go, he and Serena shouldn't be together!!


    um yeah in the books he's in love with blair, then temporarily serena, and then vanessa