Nice to meet you, Angela's dad. This is a scene from the show's fifth season finale.
Angela is seen here with her father. He's played by a famous singer: Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.
Angela and Hodgins have a wedding to plan on the season finale of Bones. It's titled "The Beginning in the End."
Booth has a tough choice to make on the episode "The Beginning in the End." It's the fifth season finale.
As Angela and Hodgins prepare for their wedding on the season five finale of Bones, the former's father comes to town. He's played by Billy Gibbons.
This is a shot of Brennan and Booth from the fifth season finale of Bones. A lot changes in their relationship during this hour.

Bones Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Brennan: I have the sense that everything's changing.
Booth: Not everything. Look, we're still partners, and Taffet, she's put away. You feel good about that, right?
Brennan: You almost died, Booth. That could happen again. What if next time I can't get to you?
Booth: That's not going to happen again.
Brennan: I envy your ability to substitute optimism for reality.

Caroline: So, how's your girlfriend holding up?
Booth: She's fine...she's not my girldfriend.
Caroline: Oh! So those looks between you...
Booth: Nothing.
Caroline: Right... hope you're more believable in the stand.