With Beckett in the distance, Castle shares a meal in "The Third Man." This is all part of their investigation.
Sorry, Kate. But this isn't the prettiest dress we've ever seen you wear.
Eventually, Castle and Beckett really will hook up. Just enjoy the sexual tension while it lasts.
Rick Castle as one of NYC's most eligible bachelors? The author looks through the stills that will run with that article now.
Castle is named one of the most eligible bachelors in New York on the episode "The Third Man." Think this is a well-deserved honor?
Beckett and Castle check out a murder on the episode "The Third Man." That's not really anything new for them.

Castle Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Beckett: I have no life.
Lainie: No, Mr. Bishop has no life. That's why he's on my table.

Beckett: You're such a metrosexual.
Castle: Yeah, well, better than being a pin-up boy.
Beckett: So you heard? And it's man, Castle. Pin-up man.

Castle Season 2 Episode 13 Music

  Song Artist
Dream a better way Dream A Better Way Tim Hanauer iTunes
Song Cold Turkey Linear B
Channel two across waters Across Waters Channel Two iTunes