Grayson owns his bar and here he is working as a bartender as Jules comes by for a drink as she's trying to relive her 20s.
Laurie and her other young friend take Jules out for a wild night to try and get some successful 20s war stories in her 40s.
Jules sits back and watches her younger party buddies doing shots at the bar. Don't worry, Jules will be joining in soon for a guaranteed hangover.
Here's somewhere out there, Jules. You'll find your man.

Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What are you doing here, do you not get how divorce works?

Jules [to Bobby]

Ellie: It's your turn, best war story from your twenties.
Jules: Once when I was 22, I had a baby and I stayed home by myself raising him for the rest of my twenties. The end
Andy: Boo!