Meredith and Cristina are best friends, and a closed circle, in the opinion of some. What are they up to next?
George and Lexie chat as she wears an interesting outfit. We like watching these two interact. She is growing on us!
Failing his internship exam, cheating on his wife, possibly falling for his best friend... George O'Malley has been through a lot. Where will his character go next?
George and Lexie look a little bit sad in this picture. What for? We will soon find out in "Haunt You Every Day."
Maybe it's the love doctor? Seriously. Can we get a love interest for this girl already? We're getting to like Lexie.
Alex treats Ava in the exam room... while the oldest, largest intern at the hospital (Norman Shales) looks on. Looks like a good scene!
It's Halloween and Lexie Grey is certainly looking the part... of an Amish girl, or Raggedy Ann doll. Not sure which!
Call them what you want ... a lot of fans are sick of the story line between George and Izzie. Then again, polls show more viewers than you might think love this couple together.

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Richard: Dr. Yang, did you hear? Dr. Hahn has agreed to become our new head of cardio-thorasic surgery.
Cristina: You can't have my apartment.

Mark: Good morning.
Olivia: Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t smile at me.
Other Nurse: Don’t smile at her. Don’t smile at me either.
Olivia: We’re on to you.
Other Nurse: We’ve compared notes.
Mark: Compared notes? Really?
Olivia: Compared notes. Compared pick-up lines. Compared techniques.
Mark: Techniques...
Olivia and Other Nurse: Identical.
Mark: Identical?
Olivia: We formed a club. Nurses United Against Mark Sloan.
Mark: Are there any club activities?