The gang at Parador gathers round Josh's computer to read the latest gossip on what happened to the late star of their John Lennon movie. Word on the street is he was undergoing chemo.
Rodrigo (Carlos Ponce) knows about Victory's past with Joe and wants to put things on hold. How long could that hold last when the couple looks this good?
We may not like Rodrigo (Carlos Ponce) because he's taking the place of Joe, but we'd be crazy to say him and Victory don't look good together.
Joe Bennett manages to find a new designer from Moscow he can invest in. Her name is Tatiana and she has huge man hands and is certainly no Victory.
Wendy sits down with her new boss Griffin to come clean about forging the insurance documents. Griffin does not take it well.
Wendy is enjoying her desk at Parador while she still has it. Apparently the company does not look too kindly at insurance fraud.
The ladies of Lipstick Jungle have lunch and try and talk Wendy out of coming clean about what she did with Noah. Oh why don't you listen to your girls, Wendy?
Nico, while finally going out in public with Kirby, runs into a friend. Too bad she blows it and introduces him as Wendy's ex assistant.

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Shane: If the director's already looking at choices, what's are the chances?
Sal: Wendy can make it happen, she did before.

I'm not judging, I'm just counting disposable cameras and fannie packs


Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Song Breathe Lalah Hathaway
Song Nobody's Baby Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Song Worrisome Heart Melody Gardot