Rodrigo: Unless you want your shop to look like a subway station..
Victory: I've done some of my best work on the F train.

Nico: It isn't about other people, it's me. We're just in different places in our lives. When we met were in this vacuum and now we're not. It's real. I just don't want to fool myself into thinking... look... I'm someone who always has a plan. I look at you... and it.. it scares me because i have no idea where this is going...
Kirby: Do you have to know tonight?
Nico: No.. come on.
Kirby: Where?
Nico: Out to dinner. Some place crowded.

Victory: Did you set me up on a date without me knowing it?
Dahlia: I wouldn't exactly call it a date..
Victory: He's cutting my cheese!

Wendy: Hector still owns this company, you can't fire me.
Griffin: I just did.

Ellen: Does it bother you that he's investing in another designer or that she's so beautiful?
Victory: Was she? I didn't even notice. I did notice her big man hands.
Ellen: For what it's worth, Joe would rather be investing in one designer

Kirby huh? From lawsuit to flowers?


Dahlia: Are you blowing the handyman?
Victory: That's the contractor.
Dahlia: No no, that's not the type of guy Victory ford dates.

I want to be wiping Time Warner with my shoes. These are Guccis, I don't sully them lightly.


I have a daughter who lives with me and a babysitter who's about to kill me.

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