Vanessa Marcil guest stars as Josie Scato, Shane's new manager. In this scene, Josie, a film director, Wendy and Shane are out to dinner and Josie is a little too flirty with Shane. You see that hand on Shane?
Shane and Wendy have a serious talk after the Hangtime premiere party. Wendy quits as producer for his film and confesses to the Dennis kiss. Wow.
Shane meets with some football players and tries to teach them a thing or two about rugby. Meanwhile they try to teach him how to throw a football. Very funny.
Rosanna Arquette guest stars as Kirby's very young mother, Tina Atwood. Tina is a real estate agent and is visiting her son from Michigan.
Victory and Wendy get to meet slash judge Tina Atwood (Rosanna Arquette) at the Hangtime premiere party. If she's pushing fifty, then fifty is afraid to push back!
A still of Wendy, Victory and Nico at the Hangtime premiere party. It's funny when Wendy mistook Tina Atwood for Nico.
Kirby schools a Knicks player as he scores a basket on him. Our only issue? Why is Kirby wearing a shirt during this pick up game?
Wendy and Shane enjoy a nice dance at Nico's premiere party for Hang Time. During the dance, Shane brings up Dennis and Wendy quickly tries to move on.

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Victory: How come your boss hasn't called me by the way?
Ellen: He does have other businesses, princess
Victory: I know but I am getting baskets of fancy jam from complete strangers, he could call and say nice job
Ellen: He is a man of few words... and he doesn't like jam

Victory: My hand is cramping
Ellen: It might be easier if you just dot your eyes instead of all those little hears
Victory: They're not hearts, your pen is leaky

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
Design Design Merrie Amsterburg iTunes
Waiting for you Waiting For You Jess Tardy iTunes
Song Bring Me What You Got Mystikos Quintet