In order to get the Janitor to agree to support him, Turk had to agree to wear a goofy Chief hat. Turk wears it well.
In one of the most unlikely couples in the Scrubs universe, Sean (Scott Foley) and Kim (Elizabeth Banks) end up dating after they're introduced by Elliot.
Elliot bonds with J.D.'s ex, Kim (Elizabeth Banks) now that they can compare sex with two men they've both slept with: Sean and J.D.
J.D. and Elliot sit down for a nice awkward conversation with their exes, Sean (Scott Foley) and Kim (Elizabeth Banks).
Sean (Scott Foley) and Kim (Elizabeth Banks) are Elliot and J.D.'s exes, respectively, yet somehow they ended up together. How awkward!

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Kim: So we've been dating, what about a month...and I just didn't want to say anything until i Knew it was going to go somewhere.
Sean: We hit a little speed bumb when I first found Sam was your baby
Kim: Yeah he got drunk and asked me to sell him on the black market
Sean: She wouldn't
Elliot: Well that's sweet

Kim: J.D. is better at sex, Sean is better at foreplay
Elliot: J.D. is great at foreplay. He just takes the play part literally, so you got to embrace all of his games. "Nooks and Crannies," "Upsies Daises"...
Kim: "Who's in there?" ... Followed afterward by "What's in there?"
Elliot: "Mr Peep Tries on Hats" ...
Kim: Love that one!