Almost everyone J.D. has ever met at Sacred Heart, dead or alive, gather together to say goodbye to J.D. in his fantasy. Yeah we like that Laverne goes first.
We finally learn the Janitor's real name in the Scrubs season finale and it's Glen Matthews. Or possibly Tommy. What a friggin liar.
Dr. Cox and Jordan read from J.D.'s book of all of Cox's rants from the last eight seasons of the show. Funny how much we remember them.
Carla and Elliot may have finally gotten close enough to give each otehr a huge that rivals that of J.D. and Turk on the Scrubs season finale.
Turk says goodbye to J.D. at his last day at Sacred Heart during the Scrubs finale, "My Finale." It's a shame Turk did this at the <b>beginning</b> of the day and not the end.

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

Patient's Son: Are you new, Doctor?
J.D.: Actually it's my last day
Patient's Son: Yeah that makes sense
J.D.: That was hurtful

Sunny: Oh, he's finally gone. Talk about making a big deal over nothing, you know? I mean, Dr. Dorian was fine, but he was no better than any other doctor.
Dr. Cox: For the record, he was the best that ever came through this dump. John Dorian was the first and only doctor I ever met who cared as much as I do. And you can forget about him being a just and exceptional physician, because the fact of the matter is, he's a damn exceptional person. It's why people gravitated to him. It's why I did. He was my friend.
J.D. [appears from behind Cox]: Thank you, God. That - was - beautiful.
Dr. Cox: Oh, God, no.
J.D.: It's okay, Perry, you just said how you feel! Honestly, I am so full of your love right now, I literally could not take another drop. Brace yourself, I'm coming in.
[J.D. hugs Dr. Cox]
J.D.: You smell like a father figure.
Dr. Cox: Oh! Please stop.
J.D.: Mmmmmm...