Carla spends the episode of "My Missed Perception" gather the whole Sacred Heart hospital staff for a group photo.
Cheryl Hines guest starred on Scrubs as Cox's born again Christian sister, Paige Cox.
J.D. and scary female version of Turk play some XBox during "My Jiggly Ball."
Elliot has to carry J.D. as he fails to complete a triathlon on his own.
J.D. and Turk rock out a single body on this episode of Scrubs.
J.D. definitely has a difficult time adjusting to being an attending physician.
J.D. and Turk grow apart as J.D. decides to start living life on his own.
J.D. takes Kelso's new motorized wheelchair for a spin.
Josh Randall guest stars on Scrubs as Jake, a potential love interest for Elliot.
The Janitor gets unexpected reactions when he wears a new uniform.
While J.D. and Carla get drunk while he tries to help her and Turk work out problems, they kiss. Woh!
Dr. Kelso tries to show Cox what proper bedside manners are for a Doctor when he leads by example.

Scrubs Quotes

J.D.: Hey, I heard a great joke. A guy walks into a dentist's office and says, "I think I'm a moth." And the dentist says, "Well, if you think you're a moth, why are you at a dentist's office?"
J.D.'s narration: Oh, no, I forgot the punchline... You can't bail out now! Stall! Stall!
J.D.: ...So the moth says "That's a good question. What kind of dentist are you?" And the dentist says, "Well, I'm a general dentist, but I...I do dabble in orthodontry - braces and such." And... and the moth says, "Orthodontry? I hear there's great money in that."
J.D.'s narration: "The light was on"!
J.D.: "But! To answer your original question, which was, if I think I'm a moth, why am I in a dentist's office? The answer is, Because the light was on!" The light! The light, James. Moths love light. So, James, other than your funny bone being broken, what seems to be the problem?

J.D. [to Cox]: you won't admit this, but you're in love with Carla.
Carla: No, he's not.
Dr. Cox: Actually, I am.
Carla: You're starting again.
J.D.: And Carla, you're mad that Turk didn't trust you enough to tell you.
Turk: See? Trust, woman, trust!
J.D.: Whatever. The point is that Turk is sorry.
Turk: Not anymore!
Carla: I can't believe you thought he was a threat.
Dr. Cox: I'm a threat!
Carla: You're not in love with me, you idealize me.
J.D.: Can we just try and stay focused...
Turk: You're mad 'cause I'm scared of losing you?
Carla: Yes, because we're stronger than that!
Dr. Cox: Apparently not!