Sasha Alexander as Helene and Jeremy Allen White as Lip on Showtime's Shameless.
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Frank gets dumped when his doctor thinks he has real feelings for her on Shameless. "South Side Rules" is the tenth episode of the show's fifth season.
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Frank Gallagher knows a thing or two about jail.He's sitting in one here, on the second episode of Shameless.
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Pictured in this scene from Shameless: Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher and Justin Chatwin as Steve.
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Get down, Frank! He dances in this photo from "Three Boys" as part of a scheme devised by the family.
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You're looking at a scene from Shameless. This shot is courtesy of the episode "Killer Carl."
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Frank makes himself at home on the third episode of Shameless. He's enjoying pancakes with Sheila here.
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William H. Macy is seen here as Frank Gallagher. It's a scene from the Shameless series premiere.
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Shameless Quotes

Cuz when you focus on other people's problems, it's a lot easier to ignore your own.

Sean [to Fiona]

Lip: What exactly does hooked up mean?
Kevin: Last I checked penis goes into the vagina.