Shameless Season 7 is going to be a crazy season for the Gallagher family. We have the official trailer for you. Read on to find out what's going to happen!
On Shameless Season 6 Episode 7, Lip is expelled, but he quickly goes after Helene. We have the full trailer right after the jump for you to watch!
Shameless continues to bring in the funny on Sunday and we have your first look at the new episode. Follow the jump for the full trailer for Season 6 Episode 4.
Shameless Season 6 is just a few short months away, but that's not stopping Showtime from wheting our appetite for what is sure to be another crazy go around. Read on!
Sasha Alexander begins an arc as a teacher of Lip's who quickly becomes more than just a teacher.

Shameless Quotes

Get your ass up you goddamn ponytail Fabio motherfucker.


Sean: You took your monitor off yourself.
Fiona: So?
Sean: So, you should have waited for the P.O. and you know it.
Fiona: That's a technicality. You're gonna judge me for that?
Sean: No, I'm not gonna judge you for that. I find it charming as fuck that you took a screwdriver to your monitor. And I find it sexy as hell that you had a bloody lip before lunch today.
Fiona: Are you making fun of me?
Sean: No. It's just you're a chaos junkie, Fiona. And I'm a junkie, junkie. So I love chaos. And when I get into chaos, bad shit follows.