True Blood Season 3 came with great poster art. Gotta give them that!
Poor Talbot. The long-time lover of Russell Eddington got caught in Eric's plan for vengeance and when he thought he was getting down, he was getting staked instead. Eric is a tease!
Sex dreams are rampant on True Blood, and Eric had this running through his mind while watching another nearly naked woman dance.
Nothing was normal about the relationship between Bill and his maker Lorena. They had head spinning sex in the present, but in the past they were fond of sexing after their kills.
Eric and Bill shook hands to conclude season three. But we doubt all is just gonna be good for these two.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Bill and Eric shook hands over their mutual hatred of Russell Edgington to close out season three.
Come to me! So beckons Sookie in this scene from "Evil is Going On," the September finale of season three.
Sookie's quasi guardian, Claudine, is seen here. She plays a big role on the season three finale.

True Blood Season 3 Quotes

Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

(to Bill) How bout you just call us the f**k you crew.


True Blood Season 3 Music

  Song Artist
Good behaviour Good Behaviour Powersolo iTunes
Pistol whip me Pistol Whip Me Acumen Nation iTunes
Crazed country rebel Crazed Country Rebel Hank Williams III iTunes