Amanda and Marc decide to help out poor Betty when she's unable to take the next step with Matt. They give her a sexy makeover.
Wilhelmina wakes up when she thinks she hears Connor singing a lullaby to her baby. How much did you miss that Australian accent?
Wilhelmina tries to get some sleep but is haunted by dreams of her ex-boyfriend, Conner.
A funny picture of Marc wearing a wig standing next to Amanda. These two besties are giving Betty a sexy makeover.
When Matt seems uninterested in Betty sexualy, Marc and Amanda give Betty a sexy makeover and hilarity ensues.

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Justin: Mom, do I really have to go camping with grandpa and Elena?
Hilda: Yes. Elena's nephews are dying to meet you
Betty: ...and they planned the whole thing with you in mind
Justin: If they planned it with me in mind, we'd be at a spa with mud baths and ginger facials
Hilda: You're going! There'll be plenty of mud

Betty: You know you don't always have to bring me back to Queens
Matt: Well that's where my queen lives