Sleeping with the Dead
Sometimes you have to, if you're Izzie Stevens. Girl is nothing if not unconventional!

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I want to rate this picture a zero but it won't let me!
Let the records show that I liked Denny, when he was alive, and I even loved him when he was (and he still is) dead, but this is just ridiculous. GET IZZIE HELP NOW, SHONDA. I'm SO sick of seeing Denny all over my screen. Granted, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is drop dead gorgeous, and a few clips of him are nice, but we just need to put that whole Izzie/Denny thing to rest now.
I miss the days of Grey's Anatomy when the show mainly revolved around Meredith and Derek. Now that relationship hardly gets any screen time, and that's the whole reason I fell in love with the show in the first place. If I can't get any real Alex/Izzie where Izzie is not being mentally ill with her Denny visions, then I want Mer/Der. And then Owen/Cristina.
Katherine Heigl whines about not getting emmy-worthy material, and they punish her by giving her the most screen time of all the characters?? Get real.
Bottom line, I want Denny gone.

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