Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "All By Myself"

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While fans gather in our All By Myself" Round Table include weekly impressions of Denny, Cristina's decision, Callie and Sadie, memorable quotes and much more ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: The exchange between Lexie and Mark, as the former undressed in front of the latter. Lexie's constant pleading of "teach me" was a) in character, because Lexie isn't exactly the confident, seductive type; and b) HOT!

missingBurke: So many choices, but this Mer-Der quote / exchange was my favorite.

iheartizzie: Even if you're not a fan of Alex and Izzie together, you had to love the "I frickin' love you" speech. I also enjoyed Owen's telling Cristina to go with her gut, then expalining why.

Bad Little Grey

Lexie's "Teach me, teach me" quote won over at least one Insider staff writer.

2. Did Cristina make the right choice?

iheartizzie: Anybody but Izzie would have been the right choice. Can you imagine Denny in the O.R., with his running commentary throughout the amputation? Distracting!

McCritic: Yes. The solo surgery was about safety, not friendship. Meredith semi-apologizing for the fight between her and Cristina was nothing compared to Alex simply listing his qualifications for the procedure.

missingBurke: Much as I love the Meredith-Cristina frienship I would have to say yes. It's about saving lives and Cristina did what she thought was right, end of story.

3. Callie and Sadie: Fun and flirty? Or soon-to-be hot and heavy?

missingBurke: I'm a little confused by this, but that goes for Sadie's background and character as a whole. I'd also like to see Callie invested in a real relationship (with a man or woman, it doesn't matter to me), but I feel like the writers are sort of making it up as they go with her.

McCritic: For the sake of Melissa George's future on the show, the actress better hope for just fun and flirty!

iheartizzie: Once again, the Grey's Anatomy spoilers have me thinking that this flirtation is bound to be just that, while a new female love interest for Callie will appear early next year.

4. On an eye-rolling scale of 1-10, rate your reaction to this episode's use of Denny.

McCritic: As long as Denny is on the show - in an unexplained manner that is clearly meant as a cheap attempt to garner ratings and attention for the series - this answer will be at least 17.

iheartizzie: Somewhere in the 7-9 range. Why does Izzie show no pain, erratic behavior, or other signs of being out of the ordinary besides seeing Denny? And seeing visions would be one thing, but full-blown (mind-blowing even) sex with someone who isn't there? Really? It's astounding what we're being asked to invest in at this point. Can it be saved?

missingBurke: I'd say 4 or 5. After learning what the Izzie-Denny twist is all about I am reserving judgment on it. At least it makes some sense now. And I love when Denny taunts Alex!

5. Will Karev successfully complete the solo surgery?

iheartizzie: It would certainly create some drama if he pulled another choke job, a la the elevator way back in the day, but Karev looks poised to come through. Not only was he Cristina's choice for a reason, but he's more self-confident (as opposed to his usual cockiness) than ever.

missingBurke: Absolutely. Cristina selected him because she thought he was ready, and the best prepared. She wouldn't make the choice lightly, and he wouldn't repay her by screwing up!

McCritic: With Izzie by his side, the new and improved Alex can do anything!

Kiss on the Cheek

Her mind may be elsewhere (or long gone) in recent weeks, but Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) has a smitten admirer in Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

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Sorry to tell ya. But the 2 of them are just gross together. And Lexie's lines about Teach Me Teach Me. Was just stupid. To me it was like when Callie went to Mark to teach her how to have sex with Erica. The dialog was so close to the same. I think that someone else needs to start writting some of these story lines. We get the same crap over and over. Same words come out of different peoples mouthes. After losing the whole Callica thing. I'm getting tired of these peoples private lives and ready to see more of the medical part of the show.


Lexie looks 12, I don't care if she is 24 and they have no chemistry. The HUGE majority of people cannot stand this couple together except for a few rabid fans who are so desperate they tried to spam the panel in their favor after finding out Slexiepuke had been trashed there. All the critics hate them too. It looks like the 4 or 5 Slexiepuke fans have been spamming here too, grow up guys, you are as immature as your heroine, wittle little Lexie.


Why is Lexie all of a sudden so childlike and apparently unconfident - she wasnt when she was sleeping with Alex! The character was so much better is season 4, she looks even younger now, and will someone PLEASE give her a decent hairstyle?!


OK FIRST 0F ALL iiM M3 S0 iiM G0iiN 2 R3P MARK & L3Xii3....& 0K ii JUSS START3D DiiZ N U S33M 2 B3 HAT3N....0N DA WAY ii WRiiT3...iiM N0T U AND iiF U G0T A PR0BL3M WiiT DAT...F U...iiM TRYiiNG R3ALLY HARD 2 B3 NiiC3...N THANK U P30PL3 DAT AGR33 WiiT M3 0N L3Xii3 & MARK...


i'm lovin the sloan and grey storyline! i hope they get together. i love sloan and think there needs to be a twist to his story.. something new. we already know he's a player.. but him falling in love with grey will be ggggrreat!!!


Ugh, so much pairing hatred. I, for one, am looking forward to see what the showrunners do with Mark and Lexie. Personally I think that it should have been handled differently, some more with them circling each other than just diving right into the sheets. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. For the record, Lexie is NOT twelve. She is twenty-four, a fact revealed by either her or Alex in early season 4 (can't remember specific instance). She is an adult who can make her own decisions. Actually, if you look back to season 3 in Testing 1-2-3, when she approached Derek at the bar, she seemed much older and more mature. Chyler Leigh is capable of making her seem older than she is. I think it's the writers that are attempting to make her younger to distinguish her and the other interns from the Fab Five...if you couldn't tell, these interns act much younger than the Fab Five did. I see nothing wrong or disgusting from a moral standpoint about this couple. As I said before, Lexie is capable of making decisions (although some weren't very wise. See: Alex). As for Lexie not being in the same class as Callie or Addison, it might be interesting to see how Mark deals with her. I'm going to call myself a Mexie (AKA Slexie, Lark or my personal favorite: McSexie) shipper.


Wow, yes this was an intense episode. I really hate the face that Mer and Cristina are fighting. :o/. But hey, it happens. I'm sure they will make up soon enough. I think Lexie is lonely. It was so cute to see her all giddy when whoever told her that Mark had a 'thing' for her. I don't know if it's in either of their best interest... Mark did break a promise to Derek. And now that I know the secret behind the Izzie/Denny thing, I'm wondering how it's all going to end. Hmmm...


For the love of God, you all act as though Mark and Lexie can't have fans. I sat through many a thread celebrating Callica and Gizzie and I never attacked those people like you all attack the Slexie fans. Grow up, let them have their fan base and just watch the show or don't watch the show. We are after all talking about a fictional couple!


I just wonder how do people spend so much time and effort for all the calculations. Still Mark and Lexie rock!!!


For the person who commented on Lexie and Meredith's non-existent age difference ... Ellis Grey did not ask Thatcher to leave until Meredith was 5 years old. That means there is at least a 5 year age different between her and Meredith. At least. I would imagine that Lexie is probably 7 or 8 years younger than Meredith. We have never gotten a real definitive age on Mer. She's probably actually older than the others. We know she spent two months in Europe, but how long did she wait until she went to medical school? So my guess is Lexie is 26 (4 years of college, 4 years of medical school) and I can tell you I would not be seducing a man who is 14 years older than me. Where do I get the age 40? Addison said in Season 3 finale that she doesn't want to be 39 and alone. It makes sense that Mark and Derek are at least 40 (39 plus a year, we entered a new year in Season 4), if not older.

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