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The Dorf
Nah. That nickname isn't gonna stick. Sorry for even trying it.

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I really did love chair but right now I'm tired of them & happy they are having time apart. Cameron is not bad I really like him in the picture. At the same time chair reminds me of an old couple trying to spice things up. Sorry no offense like I said I did used to love chair but they do need a break.


Why is Cameron wearing a Rufus sweater?


Cameron looks like Baizen -.- WTF, E V A P O R A T E


go away cameron -_- chuck is the only one for blair :P


the dorf ? the name is so freaking funny. lol. love the dress.


yessss!!! the bitch is back!
make him jealous and weak in the knees!!! destroy chuck bass!


has anyone noticed she looks better when shes not with chuck? its like when shes with him she feels she should wear more conservative clothes and ruin her hair.


Maybe she was like having a date with him or something and then Chuck shows up.. :) or Dan and Nate:(


I dont like him already!
Where's Chuck??????


That's Cameron. I wonder why he's at B's place?... In fact I wonder why everyone is at B's place!? LOL ... CHAIR FOREVER!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Serena: I need you to tell me the truth.
William: Come with me.

Really? That's it?


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Music

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Song Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto remix) Massive Attack iTunes
Beach house Beach House Zebra iTunes
Song Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) Massive Attack iTunes