The Junior Mint Picture
Jerry and Kramer watch an operation and Cosmo manages to slip a mint into the guy's body.


I know of what you speak. We buy a lot of our office supleips from Staples and one day, while a volunteer was working in the library, she asked me if I had any staples. I reached into my drawer, grabbed a box that said Staples, and handed them to her. She came back a second later and said, these are paper clips. It must be some kind of name association thing, cause let's face it, a paper clip box looks nothing like a box of staples. And if you actually look at it, there's even a picture of paper clips on the box!

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Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Y'know I remember when I was a kid growing up, kids would make fun of my name like you wouldn't believe - 'Jerry Jerry Dingleberry', 'Seinsmelled'


The Doctor: I have no medical evidence to back me up, but something happened during the operation that staved off that infection. Something beyond science. Something perhaps from above
Kramer: Mint?
The Doctor: Those can be very refreshing.