The Handicap Spot Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 22
"The Handicap Spot"
Original Air Date:

George parks his dad's car in a handicap spot, causing a handicap woman to injure herself and an angry mob to destroy the car.

The Smelly Car Pic
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 21
"The Smelly Car"
Original Air Date:

A smelly valet stinks up Jerry's car; George believes he turned Susan into a lesbian.

Jerry and The Old Man
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 18
"The Old Man"
Original Air Date:

George, Jerry and Elaine volunteer to spend time with senior citizens and all three have a bad time.

The Pez Dispenser Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 3 Episode 14
"The Pez Dispenser"
Original Air Date:

Kramer joins the Polar Bear Club; Jerry takes one of Kramer's Pez dispensers that makes Elaine laugh during a piano recital, causing trouble for George's relationship.

The Stakeout Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 1 Episode 2
"The Stakeout"
Original Air Date:

Jerry goes to a party with Elaine where he meets a girl, who all he gets is her place of work and not number. Jerry and George decide to stalk her outside her office building.

The Seinfeld Chronicles Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 1 Episode 1
"The Seinfeld Chronicles"
Original Air Date:

Jerry is excited that a woman he met in Michigan is coming to New York for a seminar. Jerry tries to figure out if Laura's intentions are platonic or romantic.