Seinfeld "The Pilot" Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 23
"The Pilot: Part 1"
Original Air Date:

George and Jerry begin casting for the pilot.

The Smelly Car Pic
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 21
"The Smelly Car"
Original Air Date:

A smelly valet stinks up Jerry's car; George believes he turned Susan into a lesbian.

The Junior Mint Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 20
"The Junior Mint"
Original Air Date:

Jerry cannot remember the name of his girl, but knows it rhymes with a female body part; Kramer watches a surgery and drops a Junior Mint into the body.

The Outing Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 17
"The Outing"
Original Air Date:

After a college newspaper mistakenly outs George and Jerry as a couple, they spend the episode living a life where everyone but Elaine thinks they're gay.

The Movie Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 4 Episode 14
"The Movie"
Original Air Date:

The Seinfeld gang tries to catch a movie together but they keep missing each other.

The Limo Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 3 Episode 19
"The Limo"
Original Air Date:

Jerry and George pretend to be some guy named O'Brian and steal his limouside, only to find out he was a Neo-Nazi set to give a speech.

The Seinfeld Chronicles Picture
Watch Seinfeld Season 1 Episode 1
"The Seinfeld Chronicles"
Original Air Date:

Jerry is excited that a woman he met in Michigan is coming to New York for a seminar. Jerry tries to figure out if Laura's intentions are platonic or romantic.

Seinfeld Quotes

Elaine: (referring to Dr. Reston) He's like a Svenjolly.
Jerry: Svengali.
Elaine: What did I say?
Jerry: Svenjolly.
Elaine: Svenjolly? I did not say Svenjolly.
Jerry: George?
George: Svenjolly. (licking some peanut butter off his finger)
Elaine: I don't see how I could've said Svenjolly.
Jerry: Well, maybe he's got, like, a cheerful mental hold on you.

(to George) I don't know what your parents did to you.

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