Tripp and Serena
Serena and Tripp in "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" Will she and Nate's cousin be working together ... or playing together?

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Serena is the "it"gal the most popular at school, all the guys know that, they can always count on her to give them a quickie anywhere.She is THA BOOT. Just give her one kiss and she will hop on bed with you (or on the bar stool, forest, sofa, bathroom stall,etc) Be aware, she might be transmitting VD to the guys.


Blair slept with Chuck while she was with Nate...then slept with Nate, faking her virginity. Later on, she slept with Nate's uncle Jack for some ridiculous reason. After that, she got together with Marcus and was willing to cheat on him with Chuck. Serena slept with Nate. A year after, she got into a relationship with Dan and slept with him. After they broke up, she slept with Aaron, whom she was also in a relationship with. After they broke up, she slept with creepy Southern dude, can't remember his name. But they were, again, ALSO in a relationship. I do believe the girls are on the same level of slutty-ness. Please, let's not make comparisons. It's not like all of you are saints.


who else is feeling a hot office hook-up scene? and, OMG, keep it real guys. its a show.


damn look like i just ran into shipper war central. Honestly the only main girl on this show who is not a slut is little J. The rest of them are all whores...


wow , i cant wait to see them messing around ...


I hope Chuck cheats on Blair with Serena and destroy their relationship for good. I hate Chuck & Blair and their pathetic fans who only seem to live to see B&C making out "Oh they were so
adorable tonight". COME ON. In real life, they wouldn't stand a chance, especially if one them had been pimped out by the other one.


the only slut on the show was chuck :P until he's in a relationship with blair!


And sleeping with the boyfriends best friend TWICE before B. and N. broke up for real is a waaaaay better thing to do?!


Serena is the Upper East side SLUT! sleeping with your bestfriend's bf is slutty enough. no need to bring in other guys!! She's a homewrecker and a whore!


IMHO, I think Blair & Serena are about the same on the slutty-ness level. They've both slept w/alot of guys, okay? I honestly don't see why this needs to be some debate.

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