Photo Gallery: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

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We posted some sneak previews for you earlier today. Now, below is a photo gallery from next week's Gossip Girl, "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

Not surprisingly, there are no threesome clues (or evidence that it even exists) in these pics. Both to build up the suspense and due to the criticism the show has received from some parents, it's probably for the best.

There are some interesting pictures, however. Like this one ...

Jenny and Nate Pic!

What do you suppose brings Nate and Jenny together again?

Another topic for discussion: What is Serena doing with Congressman-elect Tripp? Click to enlarge lots of pictures from the episode below and comment:

Belle of the Ball
Lil Pic
Serena and Tripp
Serena van der W.
Rocking Out
It's J
Married Couple
The Beautiful Miss J
Woman in Black
Rumored 3Some Participants
Lil J Picture
Wash Your Hair!
Such BS
William van der Bilt III
Good Serena
Lily of the Ball
Tripp and Serena
Poor S
J and Posse
Big Night For J
Jenny Humph
Why Are You Still Dressed

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Eyuuuccckkk! Jenny and Nate? What the heck is this social climbing beeyatch doing with an aristocrat like Nate? And she's not even nice! Talk about rewarding evil.


I dont like if Nate and Jenny be together.. Well yeah they look so cute,but I want Blair and Nate back!! Like prom,Like Season 1,Sorry guys but I love if Blair with Nate..


NATE AND JENNY MUST BACK TOGETHER , i really love them ;)))


It looks like jenny asks nate to be her escort to cotillion because she and blair are fighting and disagreeing on lots, and wants to get back at blair.


Jenny and Nate? LOL. I find that funny :D


I think that, at first, jenny is going to want to go with jonathan to the cotillion as one of the previews suggests. But then Blair is going to tell her that she can't go with him because cotillion is way too important bla bla bla. Then she's going to ask nate if he could take jenny to cotillion. for some yet unknown reason nate won't be willing to go and serena and blair, who will have already made up or will be in the process of, will have the 3some with nate in exchange of he escorting jenny.
anyway... my guess...


YAYYY FOR NATE AND JENNY! Hopefull she'll lose her virginity to him...cause THAT would be hott


yay for Nate and Jenny!!! Looking so cute together :)
but we were told there's going to be Serenate later in the show, so it means N & J wont happen now?


I hope cotillion means Jenny & Nate will get back together. They were good for each other! (I like both Jenny & Nate or Serena & Nate, but right now Serena will be busy with her new "job" with Tripp...)


I don't know if you have seen it, but there is a music video in which they show scenes of the upcoming episodes and at one moment Eric tells somegirl: "The next time we take Jenny down it will be for good" and I have a feeling that he may set up the "threesome" for Jenny... Just an idea that came to me...
here is the video:

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