Tripp and Serena
Serena and Tripp in "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" Will she and Nate's cousin be working together ... or playing together?

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She never slept w/Chuck! He wanted to sleep w/her but she refused.


she sleept with eveeryguy! even chuck


You don't know that. Maybe she was talking about two or three men. These are just speculations!


this recks of affair. in response to the comment above, i believe the scene backi n season 1 where S and Dan are just about to "make love", S says something along the lines of: i dont think any of them actually saw me--translation, S has had lots of sex with men that she barely even knows.


And Blair isn't a slut for sleeping with two best friends in a couple of days? She even slept with the uncle of her boyfriend, for crying out loud! Diana sums up 5 men that Serena slept with, Blair slept with Chuck, Nate, Marcus, Carter, Jack and god knows who else. She was even willing to sleep with Chuck when she was in a relationship with Marcus, now if that doesn't make Blair a hypocrite, cheating whore! Besides, Serena told her mom in the pilot that boardingschool wasn't a wild place. And there is no evidence whatsoever that Serena slept with a bunch of guys in the Georgina-era, neither has it ever been mentioned, biased Blair fans are just making that up. Serena would never cheat on her boyfriend. There are actually reasons that people like Serena, and that's her easygoing character, while Blair makes a problem of almost every little thing!


OMG, come on serena...this is too far and you know it! This is a little off topic but does anyone notice the Dan and Serena scenes are a just a tad friendly, i mean they are suppose to be brother and sister now and they still seem to have these little forshadowing scenes. I really wonder if they'll get back together in the end. "I think Dan would look good in anything he wears" COUGH COUGH.
there are more i just couldnt think of any of them.

Blair cornelia archibald

this would make such a good caption contest


I agree with you DIANE. Serena is a WHORE and SLUT plus all those other words they call to label women who sleep with men who already have girlfriends or wives. and DERENAGOGO.. if you look at the facts.. maybe you'll see what a slut she is and not just look at her boobs hanging out.


Derenagogogo, Serena has been sleeping WITH ALMOST EVERY MALE on this show. First Nate (who was then with Blair). Then Dan. Then Aaron. Then back to Dan. Then Gabriel (who was then with Poopy). Then was it back to Dan again? Then Carter. And now, the writers are building up something between her and Tripp. WHO IS EFFING MARRIED. She's not just a slut, she's becoming a home wrecker as well! Helloooo. And that's not even counting all the guys she's been with when she was Georgina's party buddy, plus all the guys at boarding school! Besides, my opinion is my opinion. You can't call me a moron for voicing it out. Tsk.


DIANE, you are such a moron.
You see two people sitting side by side and you already think of S being a slut??
Hmm.. I wonder how SLUTTY you are?? HAHAHAHA.

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