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Song Echo Gossip Girl Cyndi Lauper iTunes
Song What Is A Life? Youth Group
Satellites Satellites We Know, Plato! iTunes
Be-somebody Be Somebody Kings of Leon iTunes
Song Closer Gossip Girl Kings of Leon iTunes
Sex-on-fire Sex on Fire Kings of Leon iTunes
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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Blair: He's totally unsuitable.
Serena: Who?
Blair: Cyrus. He's five feet tall. He has a catchphrase. And he's a hugger. I was expecting Cary Grant and I got Danny DeVito!

Blair: Serena, I called you like 10 times last night! Where have you been?
Serena: I went to the dentist at lunch, and yesterday, I met Aaron in Times Square. B, it was the most romantic thing...
Blair: Who cares about plaque or pretentious artists when your best friend is having a meltdown!