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[narrating] The body is a slave to it's impulses. But the thing that makes us human is what we can control. After the storm, after the rush, after the heat of the moment has passed, we can cool off and clean up the messes we made. We can try to let go of what was. Then again..."


[narrating] "At any given moment, the brain has 14 billion neurons firing at a speed of 450 miles per hour. We don’t have control over most of them. When we get a chill... goose bumps. When we get excited... adrenaline. The body naturally follows it’s impulses, which I think is part of what makes it so hard for us to control ours. Of course, sometimes we have impulses we would rather not control, that we later wish we had."


RICHARD: "I respect it. I really do. But I can't allow it. Violates all sorts of codes and you know it."
CALLIE: "So you're kicking me out, but you're allowed to live in your office?"
RICHARD: [pauses] "You noticed that, huh."
CALLIE: "I'm pretty observant."
RICHARD: "Well, guess if I'm throwing you out I better follow my own rules."

"Mama! Daddy!"


"Bailey's on the warpath ... not the German warpath. The hospital warpath."


[to Cristina] "It's not that I don't like you. You're an intelligent, beautiful young woman. But you're selfish. And my Preston is giving. That combination won't last, not much longer."


FINN: "You bowing out?"
DEREK: "No. You?"
DEREK: "I don't think so."

[to Cristina] "Hang in there."


ADDISON: "I thought you were room service."
DEREK: "I feel terrible. I'm not proud of what I did. You deserve better. I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about the panties, the prom. I'm sorry I did that."
ADDISON: "Yeah. I'm sorry I did that, too."
DEREK: "Our marriage is over."
ADDISON: "Yeah. I guess it is."
DEREK: "It's all my fault. This is incredibly sad. Incredibly sad." [Bathroom door opens]
MARK: "This is awkward."
DEREK: [looks at Addison] "I feel much better now."

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