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Is Jane okay with Lisbon dating Marcus Pike?

Teresa's All Smiles

No, but perhaps once in a lifetime you find someone that you are genuine friends with and whom you come to truly love. You would think that is simple, but it's actually quite difficult. In this situation, he really does love her (and knows it but is to afraid to admit it -- even to himself) and, without admitting it, fully understands the cost to him should she decide to leave. However, I have known what it is to be friends with someone, grow to love them (without all of the "romantic" junk that goes on) and be in their situation. When you truly love someone beyond yourself? As painful as it might be to you, it is their happiness that you seek and long for. Even when it cost you everything... With memories of times past, the end of episode 20 (which I watched over and over again) made me cry.

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